Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Circle of Short Do’s

As I sat in a circle of women the other day, I looked around to see everyone had a very short hair-do except me.  They all looked the same.  I call it the “I give up” hair style worn by women after they get older.

I remember my mother felt like this was something that was inevitable and necessary.  She would mention it every so often when I had long hair in my 30’s.  I used to tell her to look at Jackie Kennedy… she had long hair and she was old.  As I rightly noticed, movie stars and celebrities wore longer hair.  The rules didn’t apply to them?  Sure, they probably spent a fortune on keeping their lustrous locks.  Was it always about money and time?

I am old now and wear my hair in the medium length because I like it that way.  Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?  Don’t we finally get to choose without being bound my some archaic fashion rule?  It does take more time and money as my gray hairs take over and the mane become dry, but it’s not impossible.  

I thought times had changed until I sat in that circle of women.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Behind the Masks

Everywhere I look these days I notice a “frowny face”!  I don’t know if there are more of them now or if I’m just noticing them more.

It makes me wonder what’s happening behind those unhappy faces.  People seem more stressed and it shows on their faces.  I try to smile whenever I can find a reason --- smiling at an inappropriate time causes suspicion --- and sometimes I get one in return!  I try to say a kind word to break the tight expressions I see around me, but the sadness is catching.

Life is never perfect; attitude goes a long way in improving our mood.  We all must resist spreading this epidemic of worried expressions or the “frowny faces” will take over our planet.