Monday, April 18, 2011

Behind the Masks

Everywhere I look these days I notice a “frowny face”!  I don’t know if there are more of them now or if I’m just noticing them more.

It makes me wonder what’s happening behind those unhappy faces.  People seem more stressed and it shows on their faces.  I try to smile whenever I can find a reason --- smiling at an inappropriate time causes suspicion --- and sometimes I get one in return!  I try to say a kind word to break the tight expressions I see around me, but the sadness is catching.

Life is never perfect; attitude goes a long way in improving our mood.  We all must resist spreading this epidemic of worried expressions or the “frowny faces” will take over our planet.


  1. Rita B:

    It might be difficult for some people to smile who are worried about losing their jobs, their homes, and their livelihoods.

  2. That may be true for some, Whit, but not all the people I meeting during a normal day. Many of them I know and they are not in dire straits. Our mom's were right about this one... our faces will freeze that way if we keeping making that mean face! ~~~ Hugs, Rita B(w/smiley face)

  3. Again, I recently read that greeting people and smiling is one of the best things we can do to improve our mood and the moods of all those around us! ~~ Hugs, Rita B