Monday, October 31, 2011

Weak in the Knees

Surprisingly, K did write my sister!

It was a sincere letter full of feelings for our brother.  She said they were soul mates and, maybe in another place and another time, things might have been perfect for them.  Whenever they saw each other, she became weak in the knees like a young girl in love!    

One thing she did tell my sister was that they were never together sexually.  Only once did they get to be alone and talk intimately.  They both felt they didn’t want to cheapen the deep love they had for each other.

My sister and K plan to meet sometime in person and talk.  None of us want the love we feel for my brother to be forgotten.  As K said, “We all loved the same guy!" 


  1. Rita:

    Since they had not spent that much time together to get to have intimate knowledge of each other, I wonder if both K and your brother were more in love with love than with each other.

  2. Maybe you are right, Whit, as my brother was never lucky in love. We will never know. Some people do marry or remain with each without knowing each other for very long. They certtainly thought they were in love and their paths crossed at a perfect time. Some of us know that love from afar can be a powerful thing! ~~ Hugs, Rita

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  4. Rita,
    Wow! I need more. Did they meet? Your brother and this Kathy loved like no other. I know.
    When you suffer an illness with someone who loves you less than themselves it eats you from the inside out. Together they learned that there is a real love for them. Its a intimacy that no one can rob them of, ever!
    My heart breaks for Kathy, she has suffered much and yet I rejoice that she had time with a probable hope and future, something that shines a light in your life, gives you hope. If you meet her, please, give her a hug from me and tell her that it would have been as wonderful as she thought it would be, she needs to know that. To lay her head on her pillow knowing that. He left this world loving her, how much more can we ask?

  5. Karen, we are both romantics and see it with the same eyes. Kathy now knows how much he loved her especially after talking with my sister. I wish their lives had gone on paths that joined many years ago before the end of my brother's life. The story may have been different. ~~~ Hugs, Rita B