Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who Am I?

Someone I’ve known for a long time… 20 to 25 years, a casual friend from work connections… suddenly called me “Mrs. Rhodes” recently!  He’s a peer from the not-for-profit work world where I’ve spent most of my time and he is about the same age.  I don’t even think I answered him.   

At first I didn’t know what to make of it.  Then I was royally pissed! 

Does he think I’m way older than him now?  Do I look older to him?  Do I need Botox and a face sanding?  Worse yet: I am forgettableMy hubby says maybe the guy had temporarily forgotten my name!  Okay.  We both know this happens to us occasionally, so maybe that’s what happened.  Should I give him the excuse of a “senior moment” and forgive him this once?

I’ll wait and see what happens next time I run into my old “who now thinks I’m older” dear friend.


  1. It's always a shock to hear someone address you by a name you aren't used to. I still can't get used to kids calling me Mam' I wanna say, I aint your Mammy!

    PolarB ;)

  2. The next time you should respond by addressing him as Mr. whatever his name is. :^)

  3. Rita,
    Maybe he meant it respectfully? No, no. He has a death wish and was trying for "suicide by Rita"! Or maybe his eyesight just ain't what it used to be, he thought it was you but wasn't sure and didn't want to be disrespectful in case he was wrong. Choose any one or more. (Trying to help the poor guy out. He obviously needs it.)

  4. If you've known him 20 years, and if he's always called you Rita, then I think it's more a senior moment (or perhaps his jealous wife was nearby).

    I actually find that on occasion, if it's hectic, I can't remember the name of someone I know as a general occasional aquaintance. Sort of scary sometimes. Anyway, I think you could graciously kid him "What, is Rita no good anymore?". If he's having trouble remembering he may be very grateful for the reminder and to avoid a big embarrassment.

  5. No, his wife wasn't in earshot, Skinny, but I guess I will give him the benefit of the doubt and just write it off as he's going senile! My memory for names isn't so good either... but it never has been... next time I'll call him Mr. C. ~~~ Hugs, Rita B