Thursday, June 16, 2011

There Goes Your Tip, Honey!

The day after my older daughter’s birthday, we were out to lunch together.  Our waitress said to her, “You two are sisters, right?”  My daughter told her no, that I was her mother!

Being a bit depressed over her birthday anyway, this did not make my daughter very happy.  It made me feel good until I realized…

A teenager would think anyone over a certain age was ancient!  Forty-four or 65, it was all OLD to Miss Under-Twenty.  Oh, well, it felt good for a second or two before reality hit me.  I’m not getting any younger and neither is my daughter, but life is still good!


  1. Rita B:

    I think the waitress was just hoping to get a good tip from you. :^)

  2. HA! They always get a good tip from me, Whit! It could have been even sweet if we both were younger... ~~~ Hugs, Rita B

  3. Yeah, waitress was fishing for a tip from you for sure. I guess you shoulda said "No, this is my grandaughter. We believe in having sex early and often in our family. Are you free after work?"

    That might have dropped the jaw on the waitress.

  4. Whaaaa...? Don't think I'll take your advice, Skinny, but it certainly would have been a conversation stopper!