Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Just Lost It

Last week I got home from the grocery store and couldn’t find a little bottle of something that costs four bucks.  I checked everywhere including the receipt to make sure I bought it and didn’t leave the dang thing in my shopping cart.  Yep… it was on the list.  So where was it?

I went to garage and checked the grocery bags again… still not there.  As I put away my purchases, hubby offered to go back to the store and see if it was left out of the bag.  Before I finished, he called to say the clerk said she remembered putting it in a bag, but they gave us a replacement anyway.

By now, I had given up because it was becoming a colossal waste of time.  After he returned, my hubby rechecked the car and found the small bottle in one of the seats!  We figured it must have gotten stuck under the removable bottom of one of the bags and fell out as I tossed the reusable shopping bags back into the car. 

Embarrassing?  Yes, but I immediately took the replacement bottle back to the store and paid for it.  Our check-out lady was gone so I explained to another person what had happened.  She actually thanked me for being so honest!

As I left the store, I didn’t know what to say to being thanked for being honest.  I still think about that compliment and wonder what most people would have done.  For me there was no other option.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who Am I?

Someone I’ve known for a long time… 20 to 25 years, a casual friend from work connections… suddenly called me “Mrs. Rhodes” recently!  He’s a peer from the not-for-profit work world where I’ve spent most of my time and he is about the same age.  I don’t even think I answered him.   

At first I didn’t know what to make of it.  Then I was royally pissed! 

Does he think I’m way older than him now?  Do I look older to him?  Do I need Botox and a face sanding?  Worse yet: I am forgettableMy hubby says maybe the guy had temporarily forgotten my name!  Okay.  We both know this happens to us occasionally, so maybe that’s what happened.  Should I give him the excuse of a “senior moment” and forgive him this once?

I’ll wait and see what happens next time I run into my old “who now thinks I’m older” dear friend.